Thursday, 23 July 2009

Turn your radio on

Well I don't know what's been going on, I haven't blogged because I have been unable to get logged in. I changed my email address because I am getting massive amounts of spam, then blogger said I have the wrong password but I know it's right, it couldn't send me an email to verify the password, I was just about to tear my hair out and scream and cry, and low and behold I tried it again and here I am. These computer things baffle me, anyway, lets get on with it before it decides it's going to cut me off.

I wanted to tell you about my radio interview today, I went into BBC Radio Humberside at Grimsby, to chat with Lara Croft on the morning show. She comes on from 9 till 12. This is my third time on her programme, I think she likes me because I am a chatty person and we have a lot of fun together. I took her some potatoes fresh out of my garden which she was very pleased about. The chat is about topical subjects from the newspapers and I am given a cup of coffee while I browse through them to pick out my snippets. I had made a few notes to give her as well about what I have been doing, just to give her some ideas.

It is so easy to chat with Lara, we are sat opposite each other in the studio and I follow her lead, answering her questions and adding what I think is appropriate. The whole thing lasts about half an hour, during that time she breaks off to do the weather, traffic reports, and jingles, and I carry on browsing the papers. Some of the chat was about my moderating duties on on the forum, she was interested in Battery Hen Rescue as she is very keen on happy chickens laying free range eggs. Then I told her about my skip diving, and collecting stuff for the Scrapstore. We finished off with a couple of items from the newspapers.

I asked Andy on the desk to take our photograph,
And this is Andy,
If you want to listen the whole programme is on the iplayer here, I start about 18 minutes into it so you need to scroll forward.

Afterwards I went for a mooch around Grimsby. This boat is moored next to the Fishing Heritage Museum.

This is a monument of a fisherman pulling his nets up over the side of the boat, outside St James's church. Around the base people had placed floral tributes to those fishermen who were lost at sea. I spent a few quiet moments inside the church to reflect on how lucky I am to be able to enjoy this lovely sunny day. On the way home I stopped off in Immingham to visit Sheila, Jackie, and Anna, at the agency I used to work for. It was great to see them again and catch up on the news. I told them about the collecting I do for the Scrapstore, and they said I should go and ask the company round the corner that makes blinds, because they are very nice people and might have something to give me. They were indeed very nice people, and they gave me a load of end of roll, blind fabrics, all colours, I was very excited about this because I know they will be very much appreciated.

I delivered my load on the way home and Lorraine was over the moon with it. We immediately cleared some shelf space in a prominent position for the rolls. I am sure I will be going back for more at some point, they said I could call in any time. A good ending to an enjoyable and productive day.

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  1. Wow!! I think that's a brilliant day Ilona! You brought back memories too... I went to Immingham once... a long time ago... I got a ferry to Amsterdam from there... it was a bit scary.. I'd never travelled anywhere on my own before!


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