Thursday, 20 August 2009

Catchup day

I've been a bit busy these last few days, tied up with dog sitting. One perk of that was I found blackberries in abundance while out walking Henry. They are now as juice in my refrigerator. I don't like the bits in blackberries so the best option for me is to add water, cook them for a few minutes, and put them through a sieve. It takes a bit of time to do squash them all down to mush, but I really can't stand the pips. No point in blending they would still be there.

I'm having a catch up day at home, the lawn looks more like a meadow so the mower will have to come out soon. I try and leave it as long as I can between cuts, this reduces the amount of electricity I use, sorry I am not buying a hand mower there is too much lawn.

I shall have to go to town in a bit, bank and pay a bill. I shall also pop in the Arts Centre. There is a wonderful exhibition in there at the moment, worth a second look, and I have a voucher for a free cup of coffee, got to claim it before the end of the month.

In between these jobs I have to walk Ben a couple of times because his owner has gone out for the day, and night. I might bring him here for a while so he wont be lonely. He can come into the garden with me while I do a bit of weeding. Must go, loads to do. Oh nearly forgot, I am making a small bag out of zips, will post pics when it's done.

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