Friday, 21 August 2009

Double bonus bargains

I got a double bonus today. Firstly I decided to cash in £10 of my points vouchers, and get £20 back, at Tesco Customer Service. You can only do this in certain departments, you can't spend them on general food. I thought it might be a good idea to get a few bottles of wine.

My six bottles, three red and three white, came to £23.68, then I got a multibuy discount of £1.19, and the £20 off left me with £2.49 to pay. Yippeee, wonderful. I know I spent money in Tesco to get the vouchers, but they don't make anything out of me because most of what I buy is special offers or reduced to pence on the last date, so I consider my vouchers as free gifts.

The second bonus was this...
Found on a reduced trolley tucked away at the back of the store at the end of an aisle. Stackers filled with nails and screws. Each pot screws into the other, five in a stack with a red lid and handle on the top pot. Guess how much??? 5p a stack, amazing. I bought all seven, you cant have too many screws and nails. Great bargain find.


  1. Great buy Ilona

    the screw containers will be good for crafty bits too once empty!