Thursday, 22 October 2009

Splashing out a bit today

I wasn't going to spend any money today when I went to town, just pay a couple of bills into the bank, and pay my council tax, BUT......I spotted the 'SALE' sign in the window at Millets the outdoor and camping shop. I have been toying with the idea for a while of getting some new walking boots, but the prices seem astronomically high, £130 is a bit over my budget. Besides I have been managing ok with my charity shop and car boot sale boots, at £2 and £4 a pair you can't get much cheaper than that.

However, I am planning on doing longer walks in the future, and possibly doing the coast to coast long distance path of 190 miles. I have also heard about a 24 hour walk over 64 miles next year, which I wouldn't mind having a go at. So I meandered into the shop, just to see what the sale prices were like. I tried a few pairs on and was pleasantly surprised at how lightweight they are, and how snugly they fit. I am not too keen on the fabric type uppers, preferring the brown leather style, even though the assistant said they are both waterproof. I opted for a pair of Karrimor boots which had 50% off in the sale, so at £55 I thought that was ok.

I am not looking forward to breaking them in, and will probably have to do a few short walks in the beginning. The shop girl said I could wear them in the house for 24 hours and if they weren't right I could take them back. I might do that.

I was on my way to the Scrapstore when I noticed that the Oxfam shop had closing down notices in the window, all clothing is three items for £1. Not one to miss an opportunity I was in there like a shot. I found these six items.

Top left, a light brown suede type jacket, fits me perfect. Next a blue fleecey top, ideal for winter. The flowery fabric is an old fashioned ladies long sleeved dress, I think they call it vintage now. The fabric is gorgeous and soft, I will probably cut this up for my crafts. Next to it is a skirt I bought for the colour, also for cutting up. And there is a pair of dark purple trousers which I can wear. The peach coloured jacket is another gorgeous soft fabric, also for cutting up, although if I am daring enough I might wear it, a real classy style jacket. Also not in the photo, I bought a set of floral curtains for 50p. Quite a few bargains there, all for £2.50, I am well pleased. It doesn't make me feel quite so bad now about buying the boots.

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  1. You're gonna loooove the boots! (I'm into long walks, too; the lighter the boots, the better.) Cut up that gorgeous peach jacket.......Nooooooooo! Hey, I'm over 60 and would wear it in a heartbeat!!


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