Friday, 23 October 2009

Time for a bus pass trip

It's time I had a bus pass day out today, I think. I made my pack up, a couple of cheese rolls, a box of tomato, lettuce, cucumber, and beetroot, all out of the garden apart from the lettuce, a banana, a yoghurt, two satsumas, and a bottle of water with elderberry juice. I got the bus to Hull Bus station, it's massive, lots of choices to venture further afield, so I got on a bus to Beverley. Luckily it was a double decker and I had the best seat for the best views, upstairs at the front. I love being nosey and peering in people's gardens.

Many years ago I used to go out with a chap at Beverley, it's a lovely market town with lots of small shops with their own unique character. I noticed there were a lot of charity shops which I ambled in an out of, and as Beverley is a very affluent town the quality of stock was much higher than normal. I found a pair of roller blades, I have been looking for some for ages, and these were only six pounds. Sadly they were a size 4, not big enough, I was disappointed. Never mind I will keep looking, I really fancy having a go at it, I used to be quite good at ice skating.

Here is a photo of St Mary's church, it's very close to the bustling town centre, yet when you are inside it you can't hear anything of the noisy traffic passing a few feet away.

Beverley also has a Minster, it's huge, so quite difficult to get the whole place in one photo.

There used to be a monastery on the site, and work started on the present church in 1220 and it was finished in 1425. The official website is if you want to know more. When you look up and see all the ornate stonework, you wonder how they ever managed to build something of such a great size and with so much beauty. These buildings never cease to amaze me. Imagine if they attempted to build something similar now, they would have all the modern mechanical means available to do it, so how did they put this up all those years ago? Absolutely amazing.

On the way back I had a look round Hull for an hour and took this photo.

Radio 5 Live were doing a promotion in a big dome. I cropped this photo so that it looks like a spaceship from another planet has landed :-) The kids were having fun inside pretending to be radio presenters, their images were shown on the big screen outside in the square.

A good day out for free, oh I nearly forgot, I treated myself to a Thorntons Cappuccino chocolate bar for 69p, naughty but nice.


  1. What a gorgeous church and Minster. Looks like you had a lovely day out ... :0)

  2. An enjoyable read - we've linked to it from our Bus Pass users Blog


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