Saturday, 23 January 2010

It's a dogs life

I've got my sleepover guest here again. Henry arrived just after 1pm, Helen his chauffeur dropped him off with his overnight bag. I laid his bed out in the living room and put his towel in the front porch, we use this for wiping him down after his walks, he usually comes back wet and mucky on his undercarriage.

The plastic box containing his food was placed on the kitchen worktop and the can of chunks in jelly went in the fridge. I am glad that Helen remembered to pack his favourite blue rubber ball, we spend ages playing with that. He is very good at catching it, and sits at the top of the stairs while I throw it from the bottom. Then he pushes it with his nose so it hops all the way back down to me, and the game starts again.

After the goodbyes were said Henry looked at me. I know what he is thinking, when are we going to go out. He knows the signal, I take my jacket from the coat hook near the door, and his tail starts wagging frantically. He waits patiently as I check that I have everything I need, poopascoop, plastic poo bags, biscuits, keys, phone, camera, tissues for my wet nose.

We had a long walk, two hours, and he was in and out of the muddy dykes as usual. It is not easy to get a good photo of him because he wont stand still, but I managed to get this one.
We have just had our dinner, and are off out again for a walk round the block. There will be another short walk just before bed time. Tomorrow more walking and playing, it must be great to be a dog. Woof woof from Henry.

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