Friday, 22 January 2010

Would you like to meet my fella.

I'd like to introduce you to my fella, aha, you didn't think I had one did you? Well I was keeping him a secret, in case anyone else made a play for him, I am the jealous type you know. He has been my fella for a couple of years now, we don't actually 'walk out' together, he is a little shy you see.

We met in the High Street, I remember it well. I was busy rummaging in my bag for my purse, which inevitably is always at the bottom. I always panic when I cant find it straight away, oh my God, I'll have to cancel the cards. Saved once again, my fingers found the small purse, I really must get a bigger one then I wouldn't have these panic moments.

I walked towards the automatic doors of the shopping centre, and the most handsomest hunk caught my eye. My heart missed a beat and I blushed, was he looking at me? He was lurking in Burtons Menswear window, a shop I never usually give a second glance to. I looked away and took a few steps, I turned and looked back over my shoulder, he was still looking. I hurried on towards Woolworths and thought no more about it.

The following week I was in the town again, and wondered if the hunk would be there. I turned the corner, this time my eyes were searching the shop window. Yes, my heart was by now missing several beats when I saw that he was looking right at me. I walked on a few steps and as I walked I noticed that his eyes were following me. I hadn't the nerve to enter the shop, and went on my way.

This happened for three or four weeks, he was watching me every time I passed. Then I could stand it no longer, I had to go in the shop. There were several sales assistants tidying the clothes rails, I approached the cash desk and felt a little bit silly. A nice young lady asked if she could help. It's now or never I thought, here goes. 'You know that huge poster you have in the window of a rather dishy man wearing a green sweatshirt, I would like to take him home with me. Can I have him when you have finished with him?'

She smiled and said, 'yes, he is rather nice isn't he. You can have him in a couple of weeks when we change the window display, I will save him for you'. So here is my fella, he is in my hallway and smiles at me every time I walk by. Isn't he gorgeous?
Now now, hands off, I found him first :-)


  1. Nice but not as tasty as the ex sas guy Chris Ryan. I'd make a fool of myself with that man!

  2. Well, you really had me going there, I thought it was for real.
    I read it out to my husband and you gave us a good laugh.
    thanks for that.

  3. its Jambo from holly oaks!

    he is a dish isnt he

  4. Two pints of Lager and a packet of crisps please! was the first place he was on TV - a very very funny character and yes - you had me going too. Loved the stuff about the scrap store, we have one in Liskeard too.

  5. I agree with your taste, yum! Will Mellor is his name. Happily married with a young child I understand - Shucks! qwiksave (a new follower of your interesting blog)

  6. I had a similar experience in the middle of nowhere in India, how lucky was I to walk onto the set of Sharpe and get some lovely photos of a really rugged uniformed DIRTY Sean Bean (oops getting carried away)!
    Well done for having the bottle to go and ask, I always wanted one of those card board cutouts of Daniel Craig as James Bond but didn't ask.
    Its a case of if you don't ask - you don't get!

  7. Exactly tracey. The moral of the story is if you don't ask you don't get. So put your shyness aside and go for it.