Sunday, 10 January 2010

Shopping bag number 7

Another day indoors, but things are looking up, the snow is melting and it's starting to rain, so it's likely I might venture out tomorrow. I took the cover off the sewing machine this morning and knocked up another shopping bag, this is the seventh. I found some smaller pieces of the gazebo roof in my offcut box, not big enough to make a big bag, so I added some oddments of window blinds to make a reasonable 13" x 14" bag. I like to have bags of different sizes. I made the logo out of fused plastic carrier bags, I thought it would look quirky if I pushed the letters up close together. Thank you to everyone who commented on my Rock Pool, it's great to have your feedback. I am now looking for inspiration for my next project. The trouble is you can never tell where it will come from. Ideas just happen, it's just a matter of playing around with something untill it switches a light on in my head. At the moment my head is full of other stuff, I need to declutter it. Toodle pip.


  1. Lucky you having rain. It is still snowing here in Leeds. The bag is great - you are so clever. I am looking forward to seeing your next creation(s)!

  2. Here is a fab forum, lots of really frugal people making ends meet in lot of creative ways; a global forum too with lots of ideas.

  3. It looks a really useful size, loved the rock pool too, especially the zip rock made me smile.