Saturday, 27 February 2010

A bit of spit and polish

A nice day today, so I did a wash and got it out on the line. I also cleaned two more windows, this time at the back. Two is all I can manage in one go, then I get bored. My attention threshold is very low, half an hour and I have to do something else. I had a quick whip round with the Dyson, the cat litter was getting spread about by over enthusiastic scratching cats.

My walking boots were still filthy after the walk last week, another cleaning job I do not relish. I generally don't bother, they are only going to get dirty again. I thought I'd better make the effort, they might last longer if I look after them.

So after brushing all the dry mud off with an old washing up brush, they got a generous layer of wax. They look a bit better now.

I must have been in the mood for cleaning boots, I polished up my posh going out boots, gave them a nice shine with black polish. Don't think I have done them for over a year, crikey!
I went down the town this afternoon, I thought I might buy a waterproof jacket for walking. I looked in all the charity shops but couldn't find any. It's a bit of a pain to put on a plastic mac everytime a shower comes. I looked in Millets, too dear, I looked in another shop which had 'Sale' signs in the window. I tried a few on, and found a lightweight grey and black jacket, which was reduced from £40 to £20. I didn't want a fleecy lining because I wear lots of layers anyway. This jacket is ideal, waterproof, breathable, and windproof. Just the job.
I had a look in Pets At Home to see if they had Felix As Good As It Looks, on special offer. They had, but there was none left on the shelf, I was disappointed. Then I looked round the corner in the next aisle, and found a big stack of them. I was chuffed to little mintballs. I got six boxes of 48 pouches for £60. To buy this amount in boxes of 12 pouches from a supermarket at the normal price would have cost £104.40, so a massive saving there. That's me stocked up for a long time.
Anyway, it's been nice chatting, but I have got to get my things ready for tomorrow. I'm off to North Yorkshire in the morning, for three days. I shall be exploring just north of Pickering tomorrow, then moving on to Boggle Hole Youth Hostel, near Robin Hoods Bay on the coast, for two nights. My plan is to walk part of the Cleveland Way, and possibly venture onto the moors. Have a nice weekend, I'll catch you soon.


  1. Ahh! "Boggle Hole"... an extremely silly name, but an excellent place to stay nonetheless.
    I spent one night there a few years back after completing the Coast-to-Coast offroad bike ride.

    Have fun.

  2. Have a great trip and we'll all be looking forward to the photos

  3. Enjoy yourself! Waiting to see the pics, and read about your adventure.

  4. Have fun! Another one here who is looking forward to the photos!