Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Me blinkin feet are sore!

I'm back and I've had a wonderful time. Haven't checked how many miles I've walked yet, but my legs ache and I have one blister. Hope I've got some good photo's I took loads. I've been on the beach, over the moors, along the cliff top, through farmyards, alongside the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, along a disused railway track that is now a walking/cycling route, through woods and fields, and up and down hundreds of steps. The hostel was almost on the beach and I had an eight bed dormitory to myself. Couldn't be better. I'll do the full report tomorrow, my head is so tired now.


  1. So glad you had a great time...you will sleep well tonight:-)
    Take care,

  2. Welcome back. So pleased that you had such a good time. Look forward to seeing the photos.


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