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Monday, 8 February 2010

Free hat and gloves

Crikey, it's gone back to winter again, snowing here. I have no pressing need to go anywhere so I might as well hang around here for a while. I've just taken Ben dog back home, we went a walk earlier then I brought him back to mine for an hour, he likes to see the pussy cats, and scavenge the left overs from the food dishes.

The phone rang this morning, a friend from my last job said he is in the area and could he pop round for a coffee. I call him my friend, and he is, but we had a bit of a thing going about five years ago. It didn't last very long and we parted on good terms, but hey, you can stay friends with your ex I reckon.

We had a bit of a catch up work wise, I still like to talk shop even though I have been out of it for a while. Interesting to find out how things have changed in the last year and a half. He told me about his biking and I told him about my walking, and suddenly he jumped up and said, 'I've got just the thing for you,' and disappeared out to his car. When he came back he handed me this.

A lovely pair of gloves with matching hat. He had them for Christmas and didn't need them as he has loads. The gloves fit perfect and the hat is snug, perfect for treking out in the cold. I like it when people give me things :-)

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  1. That's a lovely hat,when it's really cold, I wear my gloves with a pair of Mike's spare gloves over the top as he has bigger hands than me. but then I do that with hats and I wear two!!! I too like a free gift


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