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Thursday, 25 February 2010

A history lesson

Not a very good day weather wise today, so I stopped in and did some sewing on my new mystery project. It's taking shape nicely but still a long way to go. I am naming it The Mountain, it's a sculpture in fabric.

In between the showers I went out for some excercise. Remember my gym, the hill? I walked up and down it six times, no not all at once. Up and down twice is all I can manage in one go without stopping, then I need a rest. As it's so close to home I can nip out, it takes 20 minutes to do it once. It sure does warm me up, haven't put the heating on at all today.

I'm just back from the Arts Centre at Barton, I've been to see a film called Creation. It was a story about Charles Darwin. Before the film started there was a speaker from Hull University talking about the differences between the Darwin in the film, and the real life Darwin. He had ten children altogether though the film only showed five. He was torn between the love for his deeply religious wife and his own belief in a world where God has no place. It was a very emotional film, as he struggled to accept his daughters death.

I quite enjoy going out to watch a film now and again, it's a cheap night at £3 and I don't buy anything else. I can never find any decent films at the cinema in town, but I have several marked off in the Arts Centre brochure to see. Goodnight sleep tight.


  1. Three quid to see a film sounds like a very good deal.

  2. I love community resources such as Art centres and three pounds for a film is a good price.


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