Wednesday, 24 February 2010

What a boring post

Well, my gas bill has provoked a lot of interest, thanks for sharing your views. Now that I have actually studied the bill I dont feel quite so peeved. Apparently the price of one kwh came down part way through the bill period, and I was using the heating at the coldest time, which was also the most expensive time. So the bills from now on will be going down as the temperature starts rising. Today it already feels a little warmer and I dont need to put the heating on. There is a little chart on the bill comparing how much gas I used in the last three months, with the same period last year. A year ago I only had the gas fire in the living room, there is a big difference to this year, it has shot up.

I don't have a problem with quarterly bills, as long as I have an idea how much they might be. In fact I would rather not have to be bothered with monthly bills, it seems as soon as one payment is made the next month comes round almost immediately. Four times a year would be ideal for me to pay all my bills, as long as they dont all come on the same four months. It would be a sort of rota, then you could work your household budget out for the whole year.

A few years ago I would find that my bank balance had plumeted to a dangerously low level on several ocassions, when work was either not forthcoming, or I couldn't be bothered to do any. I was hanging on by the skin of my teeth at times, wondering what I could sell to make a few bob. Of course something always turned up and rescued me from the mire. I always made sure there was enough to cover the mortgage, that was priority.

Anyway, back to the price of gas. I had a look at the British Gas web site, (thankyou dancingonabladeofgrass),read up on energy smart, and I don't get the point of it. Perhaps it might be usefull to a large family when the teenage kids all want to play their computer games, and you need to nag them about the cost of electricity, but it would be no use to me at all. Apparently the gadget tells you how much electricity you are using at any one time, I can't see how that can save you money.

What do you do with it, plug a few things in and watch the number rise, then think about what you can do without, and pull a few plugs out? You can do that anyway without the gadget. Common sense tells you if you are going to have an electrical appliance plugged into every socket of the house it is going to cost you a fortune and your bill will go sky high. As far as I can see the only way you can save money on utilities is to either reduce your consumption, or the companies drop their prices.

My goodness what a boring post this is, let's get onto something a bit more light hearted for tomorrow :-)

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