Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Mr Beasley saga

We have found the wandering Mr Beasley, again. He has been going back to his previous house, apparently he likes the greenhouse there. Don't know why because there is hardly any glass in it. Anyway, Sue went to look for him and there he was, so she rang Janet who came with her car and a crate, and they took him back to Sue's house. He is now in a cat chalet.

He is beginning to lok a bit scruffy, his beautiful long hair is becoming matted around his neck, and his bottom. This is the fifth time he has run away from home now, even though his owners have tried to keep him there. For some reason he does a runner, and we don't know where he has been getting his food from. Possibly the mouse population has shrunk in the village. Sue gave him two sachets of cat food which he quickly demolished.

I think the owners will have to consider re homeing him, unless they move back to where they lived before. He needs to find somewhere that he is happy to stay. Sue is hinting that he would be very happy at my house, she is not listening to me when I say I don't want anymore commitments. He is lovely though.


  1. I have a ginger cat called Tiger, who has a wandering soul. We rehomed him years ago and it has taken four years to tame him and he will now sit on my knee......cats are proud, determined and independent....if the want to wander, they will. I watch Tiger sitting on the wall at the end of the garden, looking wistfully and wanting to leave; he may well just leave one day as he was a stray when the cats home found him all those years ago.

  2. He is lovely. Would one more cat to go with your others make any difference? R u sure you don't want him;0)

  3. Oh he is a handsome chap! It would be very difficult to come to terms with the fact that your cat was happier elsewhere, and to make the decision to rehome him. I hope that he can settle in his new home soon.