Wednesday, 17 February 2010

There is such a thing as a free lunch

I was treated to lunch today, I wasn't expecting it so it was a nice surprise. Some months ago I was asked by the local U3A group, that's the University of the Third Age, to do a talk on my experiences as a female lorry driver. I really enjoy doing this so I accepted their invitation.

I arrived at the village hall at 10.00am and set up my projector, and after they read the notices I took the floor at 10.40. There was about seventy in the large room so I had to use the pa system. I really get a buzz with a microphone in my hand, and in no time I had them falling about laughing. They were such a jolly crowd, it makes the job so easy. Afterwards people came up to me and said how much they enjoyed it.

Just as I was packing away, a very nice gentleman asked if I would care to join them for lunch. Well I could hardly refuse could I, hearing the words, 'I'll treat you', swung it for me. So for my free lunch I had cheese and broccoli bake, chips, peas and salad, and for pudding I had treacle sponge and custard. It was lovely. With a bit of luck I might be asked to go back and give them my money saving and simple living talk. I had a very enjoyable day and a lot of fun.


  1. you deserved the treat, you gave them a giggle which must have brightened up a cold day - glad you had a lovely lunch -

  2. That's so brave of you Ilona, speaking in front of so many. I'd be struck dumb and shaking at the knees! Have you done many talks before?

  3. I have done talks before, Butterfly. I find it quite easy, knowing my subject inside out helps. Anything from 10 to 200 people, mixed or single sex groups.


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