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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Full to bursting

It's been a lovely day today, hence my spring picture above. I am not able to go far this weekend as I am looking after Ben dog untill Monday. This morning we were picking up litter around the village. Ben is getting on in years and his back legs are becoming weakened, a common problem I think in dogs of this breed, he is Collie/German Shepherd cross. He can only walk very slowly, and not very far. It is so sad to see him struggle, we can only make his life comfortable from now on.

This afternoon we were in the garden. A lot of my plants had outgrown their pots so needed potting on. Ben was snoozing in the sun.

Tonight's dinner was an invention. My food stocks are very low as I am running everything down before I go shopping again. So, I chopped half a butternut squash and an onion into small pieces, and fried them in olive oil. Then I added a squidgen of tomato puree, teaspoon of turmeric, dash of lemon juice, spices that are three years out of date, some apple juice, and added some sauce I made with a packet of beef stroganoff mix.

Into a pan of boiling water I put any odd bits of pasta and spaghetti I had. The finished meal........My goodness I am full to bursting, and it was lovely.


  1. That plate of pasta looks delicious!

  2. It does look lovely too. Your plates are a blast from the past. Eternal Beau, I used to have the entire collection of that design around twenty years ago :o) BTW I love your new blog header its gorgeous.


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