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Sunday, 11 April 2010

I'm gonna build a mountain

I wont keep you in suspenders any longer, you may be wondering what the heck has happened to this piece of foam. . . . . . .

Well, I am building a mountain. Inspired by my walking, this is my interpretation of the great outdoors. I started by roughly cutting a piece of any old fabric, this happens to be an old teeshirt that someone gave me. I then tacked in some seams to make it roughly fit the foam mould. I started at the bottom adding pieces of randomly cut fabric, using any stitches in any colour of embroidery thread. At this stage I had no set plan.
I knitted small pieces and added them, I cut up any fabric into any shapes, pinned it on and stitched around the edge, frayed edges are fine it doesn't have to look too perfect.

So, imagine standing at the bottom of the mountain looking up. The black snakey thing is the footpath cut from black vinyl, the green stitches is the grass growing between the stone slabs. I think I may have to do a little more work on the footpath because it looks a bit lost amongst the other colours.

The beads represent piles of stones.

The green tufts are the ends cut off the plastic fatball bags that you hang up for the birds, and the flowers I cut from coloured vinyl. Now I am beginning to make a sculpture.

There is still a lot more work to do on it. I am going to add more features to it, maybe a couple of climbers, some sheep, and it will have snow on the top. I also want to add a waterfall, hedges, and a stile or two. Then I am going to add more at the base, to take it further out, and possibly add another mountain. There is no limit, it could grow and grow to be a whole range of mountains. I will go wherever it takes me, just like my feet following a map, only this map is in my head.


  1. lots of them? could be the alps? the pyranees, the rockies?

  2. That is magnificent. So creative.

  3. You are truly an artist Ilona... I love it!!


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