Tuesday, 27 April 2010

A purrfect day out

Whoopsadaisy, I have been so busy today, I forgot to blog, must put it on my 'To Do' list, ha ha. I've been out to visit my friends Janet and Alan at their cattery near Selby. I love going there, they have seven of their own cats as well as lots of happy boarders.

Janet had to go to the dentist in Ripon so I went with her for the ride, it was an opportunity to browse some charity shops, while I was waiting for her. I found a few oddments, a couple of small gifts and some ornaments I can use for crafting purposes. It made a nice change to be driven somewhere.

I am feeling quite tired now, probably due to the fact that Alan did us a big meal when we got back. I was falling asleep after we had eaten, and now I am home I can't stop yawning. So goodnight, I'll catch you tomorrow. :-O

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