Friday, 14 May 2010

For the love of animals

I've only once in my life sat on a horse, and that was in the Grand Canyon when I was on holiday a few years ago. They are such majestic animals, but I find their size a bit intimidating, never the less I am quite happy to talk to them and pat them. My friend Karen who lives behind the church has a big brown one and a little white pony, and when I am passing I pull up handfulls of grass that they can't reach, and feed it to them.

Last week I decided to adopt a horse from Bransby Rest Home for Horses, near Lincoln. I have made donations to this charity before, but I thought it would be nice to have a connection to a particular resident there. There are eleven to choose from and I picked Craigie Boy, an ex race horse.

This morning I received my certificate, isn't he a handsome boy.

They also sent me a laminated picture to put on the wall, a rosette, a key ring, and a notebook, and they will send me news of his progress throughout the year.

I am so thrilled, my very own horse. Well I don't suppose I actually own him, perhaps just part of him, a very small part, well ok, maybe just his left ear, ha ha.

They tell me he is always the first one waiting at the gate for his breakfast and tea. He has made friends with new arrival Percy, another ex racehorse, and they are often seen galloping around the field together. Aaahhhhh, how nice, he sounds like a happy chappie.

Just a couple of updates on the cats I previously mentioned. Remember Mr Beasley? He is still with Sue in a chalet in her garden. He now shares with Bobby and they have become great friends. Bobby may have a new home to go to shortly, and there is a lady who lives opposite Sue who is seriously thinking of taking in Mr B. He looks lovely now, and enjoys being groomed. All his knots have gone and his coat is silky soft.

Lucifer, the black cat who was taken into care because his owners are very ill, has sadly had to be put to sleep. Although he was very poorly we hoped he would have a few more weeks. He went to live with Janet and her cats and settled in very well. She has a big garden and he was able to stroll around in the sun. But the tumours on his kidneys were inoperable and he drifted in and out of consciousness, a genetic condition that no one could do anything about. It was kindest to ease his suffering. We are all very sad. Janet is doubly upset because it was only a week ago that she lost one of her own cats. All we can do is give them our love while they are here.


  1. Animals are amazing creatures. My cat Salem has developed his own way of comunicating with us at home. When he wants his dinner he will sit by us, gentle touching our face with his paw to get our attention. He understands the words food and water. If I ask him if he wants his food he will miauw in a particular tone. If he wants water he will sit infront of the bathroom door and miauw slightly differently. He loves to jump into the bath tub, then waits for us to turn on the cold tap just lightly. He drinks from underneath the tap. He behaves more like a dog than a cat. He will follow me around the house. He sits on my lap when I`m on the computer and he will come camping with us on occassions. We love him and treat him as one of the family. Once you have animals you can not imagine your life without them, anymore. They bring so much joy to your existence. It is therapeutic to have animals, and makes you a more layed back and chilled out individual. I think it`s very beneficial for children to learn to look after an animal properly. Children that know to respect and care for animals will also turn out far better in their own character.

  2. What a lovely reply, Sarina, thank you for your pussy cat story. As I write this Lilly is on my knee and Ben is laid on the floor behind me. I am definately chilled out tonight, the glass of wine helped as well :o)

  3. There is nothing I love more than animals. All of them. There are so many I would like to see, lemurs, otters, elephants to name a few. Quite a while ago, whilst my duaghter was still well, we went with her to adopt a donkey at the local sanctuary. She still talks about it now. Bobby is at my feet as I type and I love being around them.

  4. What a lovely horse you've got an ear of, Ilona. We used to have an ex-racehorse and he had the nicest nature and just loved to be with you like a dog.