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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Happy Birthday to me,

I have been getting ready for my hols all day today, well some of it, if only I could get off this flippin computer. I don't know what's going to happen next week when I can't blog or chat on forums, I'm gonna feel so lonely :o( For goodness sake pull yourself together.

Ben's owner is due back at 10pm tonight, so I will take him for his last walk before bed time, and deliver him back. I feel quite tearfull, he has been here for two weeks and I will miss the old boy.

We have had lovely weather today, a bit blustery at times, but lots of sunshine, I do hope it continues for the next two weeks. I still haven't packed, typical of me, everything is last minute.

Did you notice the change in the caption on the sidebar? Yes I am now 61. When I get back I will change the photo and you will be able to see the difference a year makes. You probably expect me to look a year older, but hang on a minute, I am going backwards ;o) I flatly refuse to get old before my time. Stuff the twinset and pearls, I want to be a WAG.

Let the adventure begin. My camera will be clicking merrily away, the card will hold 400 photo's, see you when I get back.


  1. Many Happy Returns, Ilona - I so agree with you about the twinset and pearls. My mum once told me that, in her day, women were considered middle-aged at 35! Sod that - age is, after all, just a state of mind. Happy hols.

  2. May God grant you many more years!

  3. Hope you had a fabulous day. After 35 birthdays tend to be just numbers. I`m sure you`ll have many more. You are fit in body and mind, which tends to suggest you will have a long and happy life! Enjoy your holiday!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Ilona - and many more to come.

  5. Don't forget to eat some cake...

  6. Happy Birthday Ilona and Happy Hols too. Have a lovely time and like Cyberkim said, 'don't forget to eat some cake' See you when you return. XXX

  7. Hope you had a happy birthday! :)

  8. Sorry I'm late in wishing you a happy birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day:) Linda


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