Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The kids have been playing up

I'm not cut out to be a mum. No, you're not hearing things, I dont have any children, but I feel like I am a mum to my two cats, and several dogs which I look after from time to time. Animals certainly take a lot of looking after, or is it just that I make hard work of it and they are easy really. Perhaps I fuss too much, do they want to go out, have they got enough food, do they want to come in, shall I leave the door open for them, are they happy?

I have Ben dog staying here, the routine is get up by 7am, stroll in the garden in case he wants to do a whoopsie, I can't leave him out by himself because the garden is not secure, and he would root around under the bushes for any tasty cat poo morsels he can find. Disgusting! Come in, feed the cats, feed Ben, then I can have my breakfast. At 10am I took Ben for a walk.

Today I have the key for a house up the road, the man has gone out and he asked me if I could let Scruff dog into the garden. So I did that at 11.30, I tried to take him for a walk but he didn't want to go. Although he knows me he is a rescue dog and was worried about going out without his owner.

Then I managed to get a couple of hours off to visit the Scrapstore and the Arts Centre. When I got back I went to see if I could get Scruff to go for a walk. He went a short distance but I could see he was not happy so I took him back to his house and we played in the garden.

I decided to clean the inside of my car, so I got the dyson out and pulled all the carpets out. I felt sorry for Ben in the house, as it was sunny I brought him outside on the driveway and tied his lead to the door handle. I looked up from my cleaning to see he had tied himself in knots with the lead and was pulling towards the back garden, so I took him onto the back lawn and tied him to the line post. He was ok with this as he could lie in the sun on the grass.

When I finished the car I took Ben to Scruff's house, intending to walk them together, I thought Scruff would like the company of another dog. Ben did a poo on their lawn, I picked it up and we went a walk, this time a bit further. At last Scruff did a poo, which is what I was hoping for, it's not good for them to hold it for too long.

By now it's 6.30pm, time for dinner. Scruff is in his house, his owner should be back soon. I have some minced beef to cook for Ben as a treat, and a piece of trout for me which I put under the grill. The meat is cooking and the animals can smell it. The cats are round my feet crying, and Ben is following my every movement in anticipation of a good feast. I nearly tripped over him as I moved around the kitchen, talk about kids getting under your feet.

I prepare a salad, fry a courgette in oil, and put a spud in the microwave, to go with the trout. By now Bugsy cat is wailing because he is desperate to eat. The mince is cooked so I make two small cat size portions and one large dog portion. It is still hot so I put some cold water in the bowl and put the dishes into it to speed up the process of cooling it down. A few minutes later I put it on the floor and it is scoffed in two seconds.

At last I can get my meal. I settle down to enjoy it. Not for long though. The fishy smell has attracted Little Blackie, the cat from up the road, he is always in here. I have to stand up holding my plate as he tries to mug me. Thankfully he gives in and goes away. Now I can eat.

I've had a busy day with the kids today, and still one more Ben walk to do before bed time. I'm not cut out to be a mum.


  1. swap your kids for mine today........feel like they are in my pocket!

  2. I love readding, and thanks for your artical.........................................

  3. Hi Ilona, how I enjoy your blogs, they always either make me laugh or give me food for thought.
    I know exactly what you mean about the animals taking all of your time.
    We have 6 cats to feed, clear litter trays (even thought they have free access to outside they all come in to use the trays )clean poor old Freds eye (he has problem eyes, Iwon't go into that.
    Then there's sid and floppy the seagulls who have been visiting for several years and always have a bit of chicken wing each morning and each night.
    My Husband has 3 pigeons that wait on the corner each day for a handful of seed. Pheew.......
    Then there's the peanut holder in the tree outside to refill and the seed holder, ( we are gradually enticing the birds back, including the sparrows that were lost to us for ages)
    Sometimes it feels like we are going in circles with them all, but do you know... I love them all and would not be without animals in my life.

  4. Hi Briony. Oh the litter boxes ! I have four, for two cats. If there is a whoopsie I have to empty it out quickly before Ben dog thinks his lunch has been served. And if a whoopsie appears in the middle of the night I have to get up and take it downstairs out of the house, it stinks to high heaven. Good for you looking after the birds.