Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Not a picky eater

I was talking to my neighbour yesterday after I had come back from shopping, telling her that I had bought my food to take on holiday. I said I wouldn't be taking a cool box because I will be moving hostels almost every day, and it wouldn't be practical to try and keep chilled food cool. I have bought more tinned and packet food than normal, simple things that don't need much cooking. I will have to make some changes to my diet for the two weeks I am away.

For instance, I will have beans on dry toast, or porridge for breakfast instead of cereals. Her reaction was that she couldn't possibly start her day without her cornflakes. I wasn't surprised to hear her say this, as I believe people are so set in their ways they are unable to see the advantages of change.

Ok I know I have said I eat steamed vegetables almost every day, and I hope to still eat them while I am away. I will take my steamer with me, and root vegetables do not go off as quickly as leaf vegetables. But there will be some days when I will not have the time or inclination to cook, then I will heat up a tin of soup, or have some cous cous with a tin of mackerel fillets.

Because I don't feel tied to a particular eating regime, I can easily adapt to my circumstances, so when I need to cut down on my food bill I look for something that is just as good but cheaper. My tinned food will not be as cheap as preparing it from scratch, but for a few pennies more I will have the convenience of food not going off and having to be thrown away.

I am busily eating up all the food in my freezer, so I can turn it off, then start again afresh filling it up. It's a good idea to have a clear out every so often, and it's a good idea to not be so picky about what you eat.


  1. Sounds perfectly nutritious to me!

  2. I tend to agree with you. It`s far better not to be picky with food. To be adaptable when on holiday is essential. I think you are doing just fine with your food supplies. And going prepared does save you lots in the long run.
    I usually take provisions from home even when we just take the campervan for a weekend.