Saturday, 8 May 2010

Mirror mirror on the wall . . . .

I've had to give up with the politics, too heavy for me, let's lighten up. Dog sitting has taken over a bit at the moment, so I am not wandering off anywhere, however there is plenty to do in my crafty workshop.

Here is a photo of the vinyl offcuts I get from the Scrapstore, no piece is too small, I save them all. They come from a company that makes lorry curtain sides, bouncy castles, canopies for market stalls, and large bags for the construction industry. I can go at any time and have a root around in their bin.

I have a small round mirror which I got about 20 years ago, intending to make a frame with macrame, it never happened, so what to do with it? It's five inches in diameter.

An idea, make a frame with the vinyl. Cut a round piece slightly bigger than the mirror for the back. Cut another piece for the front and cut the circle out of the middle. Then cut flowers out of as many different colours as I have, there are eleven, and find the same number of small coloured buttons.

Sew the flowers and the buttons on first, evenly spaced out. Sandwich the mirror between back and front, keeping it in place with double sided tape. Not cellotape, but I think it's used in carpet fitting, it's very sticky. Also make a hook for the top to hang it up, stick it between the layers. Then hand sew around the outer edge with neat stitches to finish it off. And there you have it.

I am very pleased with this, it looks lovely. I shall keep it because I can take it with me when I show my work at the Arts Centre.


  1. That's so pretty! You have such good ideas =)

  2. The mirror is really lovely, I like it a lot!

  3. Another fantastic project of yours! This has given me a good idea for a small round mirror I have at home. With a similar framing I could transform it for use in my campervan. Thanks for the brilliant inspiration!!

  4. Looks lovely, well done you !!
    Twiggy x

  5. that is such a cute mirror, anyone young or maturer would love that.

  6. oh I like that ,very colourful and unique.