Friday, 7 May 2010

Punch up looming?

I was listening to the radio today, (in between dog walking), trying to understand what happens next. I am not very bright where the voting system is concerned, and can't understand why the Conservatives didn't win even though they had more votes and won more seats. It doesn't seem fair.

Gordon Brown is still there even though he didn't win, and said he is willing to talk to Nick Clegg about an alliance. That's doesn't seem fair either. So now we have got three main parties who are heading for a big punch up to decide who is going to rule the country. That sounds like one hell of a battle.

Why can't they all sit round a table and come to some kind of agreement where they all work together for the good of the country? Wouldn't it be nice if they were polite and pleasant towards each other, and not continually slapping each other down? What is it with men and power, why do they always have to fight to be top dog? Anyway, that's all I am going to say on the matter. I am sure it will get sorted eventually, in the meantime I'm going to crawl back into my little world and not think too much about stuff I don't understand.


  1. I used to feel quite strongly about voting... after all... women have tied themselves to railings so that I could have the vote... however this year because of circumstances I have simply not even thought about it... and of course not voted... and being a little more detached than usual it really has looked like a playground punch up... I am totally fed up with the lot of them... they need their heads banging together if you ask me.

  2. I know how you both feel, it's the same here in the US. Unfortunately too many of us, me included decided it didn't seem to matter who we voted for as things never changed, so we stopped voting. Look what a mess we are in now with the Govt trying to take over everything and a total media hog idiot in the White House! I am voting in congressional elections in the fall!

  3. It's because it's like having a business - if you have a 51% share in a business you have the authority to make decisions and move things along. If one has a 30% share, the other has a 30% share and the one with the most votes only a 40% they are paralysed and can't make any decisions. We'll end up in limbo, and at the moment we do not have the time to be in limbo. We have enormous national debts (amounting to 93k/ person), and if we don't have a stable government our credit rating is in danger of going the way of Greece. It's just an absolute nightmare really. Unfortuntely Gordon Brown has been so careless with the money giving out freebies to people who cannot be bothered to work paid for people killing themselves to pay the bills that we need a strong ruthless government to step in making ruthless cuts to services.

    If electoral reform goes through it will be much worse because people will never ever give any one party more than 50% of the vote (even people on s factor don't get that) and it will allow parties like the BNP and UKip to have a say, which will be disasterous.

    Anyway, that's enough of my political perspective! :-)

  4. I think there should be a another election in a couple of weeks and tell people to vote labour or conservative, make up their minds and stop mucking around - I have debt and know I can't spend any money until I've paid it off, it's hard but that's the way it has to be.