Friday, 4 June 2010

Just swanning around

Later that day. My next port of call, a short drive along the coast, is Abbotsbury Swannery, now is the best time to visit as the swans are hatching their chicks. I have missed the 12 noon mass feeding but will make the 4pm session. Swans are such beautiful birds, and there are reported to be over 600 here, a sight well worth seeing I think.

The huge nests were everywhere, even on the footpaths. The swans didn't seem to mind many pairs of feet walking past them. Large dustbin lid like dishes are put next to the nests and topped up with water and food. In the wild the swan would have to leave the nest to forage for sustenance, leaving the eggs and chicks vulnerable to predators. Having everything close to hand means the chick survival rate is higher.

Mother swan was close by watching over her babies.

A lovely sight to see, but at £9, rather expensive to get in ;0( Never mind, I'll square it up with a cheapy walking day.

I had a longish drive to my next Hostel at Salcombe, time to leave Dorset and go to Devon. But look what I found when I got there :o) Although I had a map the hostel signs are usually quite easy to follow. This one seemed to take ages to find, just as I thought I was getting close yet another hairpin bend and a steep hill to climb. Crawling along in first gear I wondered what would happen if I met someone coming in the opposite direction, thankfully it was late and I didn't.

This magnificent Edwardian building is high up overlooking the Salcombe Estuary. It is set in the National Trust gardens of Overbecks. I was lucky enough to be the only female guest so once again I had a room to myself. The window at the top right hand corner of the photo is where I slept, I felt like I was the lady of the manor.


  1. those signets are a delight xxxx

  2. Daughter once stayed at that hostel as a teenager whilst doing a concert tour - took us ages to find it, too. Greta when you get there though.

  3. In case you get that way again (or for anyone else) you can exchange tesco vouchers for admission voucher for the swannery you get £10 voucher for every £2.50 points