Saturday, 5 June 2010

From Salcombe to Burgh Island

The following day. A lovely sunny start to the day. It's a pity I am only staying one night at Salcombe, it looks like there is a lot to explore. The car park here is shared with the National Trust for visitors to the gardens, but as they are not open today I don't have to vacate my parking place untill later. The warden very kindly lent me a map with a walk marked out which should take three hours, so off I went. The views over the estuary are stunning.

I followed the coastal path to Sharp Tor.

Some of the paths went very close to the edge, don't look down :-()
Starehole Bay is lovely.

Turning inland across the fields, past East Soar Farm towards Sharpitor, I came to Tor Woods. The ground was carpeted with bluebells, and wild garlic flowers, and the sun shining through the trees made it kind of magical.

I made it back in three hours, and posted the map through the door. After a bite to eat I went back along the winding narrow roads with the hairpin bends towards Kingsbridge, and on to Bigbury on Sea. Burgh Island is the place I want to see next. When it is low tide you can walk across the sand, I was lucky, the tide was going out. It seems odd to have a tide on both sides of the causeway.
There is a hotel which was built in the 1920's and has since been restored to it's original Art Deco style. There are also three private houses, and the Pilchard Inn which is run by the hotel. The sun was blazing hot so a good excuse for a half pint of refreshing cider, I sat on the wall watching everybody walk across.

I do believe the hotel is very posh and rather select, judging by the high gates that block the entrance. I don't think they want any common or garden holiday makers like me wearing walking boots, traipsing through.

This is the Sea Tractor which ferries people across the 270 yard stretch at high tide. The wheels go under the water.

This is a picture looking towards the mainland from the island.

There are a lot of footpaths to walk, even though some of the land around the hotel is out of bounds. Some lovely views of the coastline. Looks like I have a skirt on here, no, it's just my baggy knee length shorts, ha ha. I like them because they have lots of pockets. Oh dear, I appear to be sunburnt.

Time to leave Burgh Island and head to my next bed for the night. This time I am not hostelling, but staying with Frugal Queen in Liskeard. Best pick up a bottle of wine on the way then, can't wait to taste some of her wonderful cooking.


  1. I have never been to Salcombe may have to have little look in due course.

  2. Lovely coastal pics! Some of it is quite similar to the rocky coast around Lands End.

  3. I think the hotel in the photo was used in one of Agatha Christie's Poirot books

  4. You are right Hester, it was used in, 'And Then There Were None'. Also the Hercule Poirot mystery 'Evil Under the Sun'. As well as several other TV and film productions.

  5. looks like you truely had a fabulous time:-)
    Take care Ilona,