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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Red hot bargains and a dead cheap curry

Thank you Mr Tesco for my bargains. The other day I bought these strawberries and cream, now eaten. The strawberries were reduced from £1.75 to 50p, and the cream was free. I wouldn't have been able to afford these little luxurys at the full price, so ta very much.

Yesterday I did my weekly shop, I didn't need much, but managed to pick up some more cheapies. I got a bag of ten bananas for 35p, wow, amazing. There was two bags and another woman was looking at them. I said they were a bargain. She said there was too many and they would go soft before she had chance to eat them. What is the matter with these people!!! They haven't gone soft yet, just eat two a day for the next five days, I wanted to shake her.

The other bargains I got were half a cucumber from 45p to 16p, a big bag of spinach from £1.80 to 45p, and four bags of radishes from 70p each to 7p. A lot of radishes to eat raw, so I cook them with my veg.

I have just demolished this veggie curry. Chop up 3 radishes, a piece of cucumber, an onion, and half an aubergine which my friend gave me. Cook it in a splash of oil and some lemon juice. Throw in half a jar of Sainsbury's curry sauce, which cost 9p, yes 9 flippin p, and simmer for ten minutes while the rice cooks. Now I know why I never buy aubergines, they aren't very nice, not to worry, my belly is full ;o)


  1. looks great! I've made veg curry before, recipie on blog somewhere, I used a half a cauli, potatoe,onion and a carrot and cheap tin of curry sauce.
    Josie x

  2. Nom nom nom - very nice for me a vegetarian!! Well done on your bargains - why was the cream free?

  3. The cream was free because Tesco was giving it away free with the strawberries. They had over stocked that much on strawberries, hundreds of boxes of them, and bought in the same amount of cream, so they still had to give it away even though the strawberries were reduced. They would never have sold that much cream. I bought three boxes, kept two for myself and gave one to my friend Sue.

  4. What fabulous bargain buy! I go to Tesco but never get that much of a bargain. Mind you, I haven`t got the time to wait until late evening to do my shopping, so I possibly loose out on those lovely bargains, anyway. Well done, you!

  5. Late shopping is the answer Sarina. You have to invest a bit of time, starting at 5 or 6pm, and hanging around watching the ladies with their ticket machines doing the rounds. You need to know the layout of the store so you can do a trolley dash to where the action is. A bit like a rugby scrum. You have to push your way in and grab what you see as soon as it has a ticket on it. Remember the old fashioned jumble sales, the queue at the door, rushing in and elbowing everyone else out of the way. Do not worry about what people think of you, your sole aim is to get things cheap.

  6. I love a late shop! Saturday night at Morrisons is a regular hot date for me and the beloved! We've got some good bargains


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