Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Tresco, a paradise island

The next day. Time for a bit of island hopping I think. After a full breakfast I walked to Hugh Town and the quay. You walk everywhere here, there is a little community bus but it hardly seems worth the bother of checking timetables and hanging around at bus stops, you might as well just put your best foot forward. You can get anywhere in about half an hour.

Tresco seems to be the favourite place to go, and luckily there was a boat in ten minutes, I got my ticket from the kiosk on the waters edge. A beautiful sunny day again, my sunburn has calmed down a bit now, after a couple of days of covering up and lashings of sun lotion. A short boat ride and we land here, not very inspiring is it? Where are these wonderful tropical gardens I have been hearing so much about :-( I feel like I have been dumped on a desert island.

I followed everyone else, and fifteen minutes later we were there. You get a little map as you go in, I turned right to the Valhalla Museum. I thought this might have some connections to the ride of the same name at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Wrong, no rides here. It's a collection of figureheads which were recovered from boats that were wrecked on the rocks around the islands. Very impressive it was too.

All freshly painted for the start of the new summer season. It's a shame they dont have beautiful works of art like these on the front of all modern day vessels.

This stainless steel cube is a modern work of art. Balancing on a rock, it glitters in the sunlight.

The creation of the Abbey Gardens began in 1834, extending over the grounds around the remains of the 12th century St Nicholas Priory. There are over 4,000 different plants here from all over the world.

The exceptional hours of sunshine and the Gulf Stream, means the gardens have ideal conditions to thrive.

Walking along Lighthouse Walk, looking towards Neptunes Steps.

Palm Circle.

You can imagine you are in the Mediteranean.

There are lots of cacti.

This is the Middle Terrace.

This pretty little fella was as bold as brass, hopping along and approaching visitors, looking for a morsel or two.

A bird of paradise maybe, it certainly feels like I am in paradise. Dont forget to click on the pictures to enlarge them.
There is time to explore a bit more of the island before the boat returns, plenty of white sandy beaches to stroll along. Think I might go on another boat trip tomorrow.


  1. Lovely photos Ilona - especially as it's grey and rainy here. How nice to see a golden pheasant - they do look so exotic. A friend of mine used to breed them.

  2. Aren't Tesco Gardens stunning:-) Did you enjoy the boat trip between the islands...a different island everyday?
    Alison x
    P.S. Have you found scillywebcam yet?

  3. That's a great site, Alison, brings it all back, many photo's just like mine. The boat was good, it was a bit choppy in places, I am scared of deep water.

  4. I think the 'cacti' are agaves, and the bird of Paradise is a type of pheasant, altho your name for it is better I think. Tresco and the Scillies look lovely and so far you appear to have had a splendidly varied holiday. Well done you for sorting it all out so admirably.

  5. Thank you Jane. I looked at the map and decided what I wanted to see. Had to narrow it down a bit though, or it would have taken six months, ha ha.

  6. The tropical gardens on Tresco is one of my dream destinations. I might get there, one day. Stunning pictures, Ilona! I love the palm trees. Always wanted to have a garden with palm trees. That`s why I love Cornwall so much. At Penzance, the seafront is scattered with them and many of the houses have their own palm tree in their grounds. I`d love to retire to that area.

  7. Beautiful photos Ilona. They're very cheery as we are in low cloud, rain and murk at the moment. Keep slapping on the sun lotion, I got burnt on our hols last week, and my skin is very dry now!!
    Twiggy x