Wednesday, 14 July 2010

All is lovely in the gardens

I had a free bus ride today to Hull, I haven't been for a while. I like people watching so I sat on a bench in Queen Victoria Square eating my sandwiches. There were a lot of graduates standing around in their caps and gowns, and people taking photo's of them, I think it was their presentation day.

I looked in some charity shops but didn't see anything I fancied, so I got a jar of coffee and a bag of sugar from Home Bargains. I had a little treat, some chocolate from Thorntons, I love their chocolate.

The flowers are lovely in Queen's Gardens, here are a few photo's. The last time I was here the Parks and Gardens Department were planting these up, don't they look fabulous.

It started raining at about half past three so I got the bus back. A very short day out.


  1. Beautiful floral displays.

  2. Very nice! Wish someone could send their gardeners round my way. My poor garden is suffering. I just can`t seem to find the time anymore. Everything`s gone to pot, as we had an unusual long dry spell. The weeds have found their way in from every corner. I hate even looing out the window, knowing I can`t deal with it right now. I`m seriously considering downsizing to a smaller council place.