Thursday, 15 July 2010

My two very best friends

Just look at my two babies, sleeping soundly in their favourite places. Ginger Bugsy on the landing at the top of the stairs just outside my office door. He looks blissfully happy, always turns his head round like that, nose pointing to the ceiling.

And Tabby Lilly. He has his own duvet on the floor next to my bed, I fluff it up for him and he loves to snuggle up with Poo Bear.

Two very happy cats. They are getting on a bit now, 14 nearly 15, and their companionship and loyalty is very comforting. My two very best friends.


  1. aww, don't they look lovely when they are asleep!

    Josie x

  2. Oh,bless them. Our old ginger chap lived to be twenty so perhaps they've got a while yet.

  3. Just gorgeous. My first cat Susie lived until twenty♥ One of my 3 cats is a very large male tabby called Thomas, they could pass for brother and sister:)