Friday, 2 July 2010

Cheaper option but just as good

Hands up how many people have something like this in their bathroom? I bought Mr Muscle about five years ago at a guess, could be longer. Blimey, it's lasted a long time I hear you say, your bathroom must be filthy.

Well no it isn't actually, it's sparkly clean, for this bottle is not what it seems. Inside is not Mr Muscle at all, but diluted cheap washing up liquid. I have been cleaning my bathroom with this for many years, and also my kitchen as well, and any other cleaning job that requires a wipe down with a wet cloth. So don't waste your money on all these fancy cleaning liquids, you don't need them. In fact save yourself some time and don't even bother to go down the household cleaning products aisle at the supermarket.

OK here's another product you don't need. I bought this bottle of antibacterial handwash two years ago, they said I needed it when I went into hospital for an operation. Well of course we all know you have to be dead carefull in there, lots of nasty germs lurking. But look, the bottle is still only half empty, what happened? Answer, I filled it up with cheap bath foam. It does the job just as well. As long as you wash your hands regularly, it doesn't matter what you use. And if someone gave you the bath foam for Christmas or birthday, even better, it's free.

You have to be a bit more carefull where cleanliness is concerned when having a drink. The easiest thing to do is to buy a new bottle of pop or juice while you are out, and dump the bottle in the nearest bin when you have emptied it. This is my drink which fits in the side pocket of my rucksack. As you can see it used to have Lucozade in the bottle, now it has water with a splash of lemon juice. The price on the label is 99p, it wasn't, it was 50p, from a discount shop. But the bottle lives on and I use it over and over again, saving me pounds on drinks I don't have to buy. Eventually it will become a health hazard and will need to be thrown, then is the time to get a new one.

Dont be taken in by all the hype telling you need this and that product. Don't go for the designer labels because it will look good in the bathroom. Re use and re fill the receptacles you already have, and save yourself loads of dosh.


  1. I already do this myself. My partner is more inclined to buy a fresh bottle of washing up liquid every two weeks. He can`t see that a diluted washing up bottle would do just as well, and it lasts much longer. His argument would be: 'Why dilute when we can afford to buy?' I hate waste. And I`d like to be more economical with it. He just doesn`t get it.
    So, I use my diluted one when I do the washing up and give him his concentrated when he`s doing the washing up. He has not even noticed the difference.

  2. Oh, Ilona, don`t get me started on `hand-wash` and `shower gel` - my two pet hates. Who needs `liquid cleansers` - what happened to bar soap? It kept us clean for the last few hundred years - providing we used it! It`s the biggest con of this generation; liquid soap costs a fortune, then you have the plastic bottle to recycle - bar soap is cheap, lasts forever, cleans well, and leaves nothing to be disposed of. Grrr!

  3. When I was a young girl (many moons ago) at school, we were taught how to wash our hands properly by the nurse. It involved cleaning our nails and our wrists too and we had to put the plug in and fill the basin with warm water and all together it took a good five or six minutes. We used bar soap and I never heard of anyone having a problem with mrsa etc... until nowadays when people wash their hands very quickly under running water using a quick squirt of something that says it's anti-bacterial and a quick shake under the water... not good. Firstly it is not essential to kill ALL the germs - in spite of the tv adverts that scare you into thinking everything is out to kill you - a certain number of germs is essential in order for you to build up your immune system, secondly.. bar soap IS anti-bacterial provided you wash your hands PROPERLY. And a good cold processed bar soap will last you for ages and ages. I'll get off my soap box now!