Saturday, 3 July 2010

Felix bag number 2

I have just completed another Felix bag. This time I have stitched the two colours together in strips rather than alternating the pouches. Also I haven't overlapped them, leaving the labels exposed.

This bag is two pouches wide instead of the previous one pouch. I have used 42 pouches as opposed to 43 on the red and yellow bag. Without the overlapping this makes a bigger bag.

I thought some patterned fabric would be nice for the lining, I can't remember where this piece came from I have had it that long. It works quite well.

Two rows of stitching along the top edge to make it strong.

Very roomy inside, it would make a great beach bag.

Overall dimensions are 16" tall, 14" wide, 6.5" deep. The handles are 13" long and 1" wide. If you are going to make one don't forget the extra width for the seams.

I'm thinking of a new design for the salmon pink pouches, possibly a smaller bag. I'm a bit stuck with that at the moment as I don't have any fabric to match it, and I don't have the right size and colour zip. Because I like to use recycled materials I don't want to buy anything, something will turn up eventually.


  1. I love this, what a neat idea! I love to use recycled materials, I havent bought a zip or a button for donkeys years. Most of my stocking-up was done when I worked as a volunteer at Scrapstore and was paid in "scrap" :D

  2. Fantastic bag!! You haven`t got enough shopping to do to fill them all. Who`s going to be the lucky recipient for this one?

  3. Hi Sarina, you're right, I rarely do a big shop, if I do I use the blue bags I made from the gazebo roof. I am keeping everything I make at the moment, trying to build up a collection ready for my display at the art centre. I shall also be showing them at Jerry Green Dog Rescue open day next week. Hopefully to inspire others to have a go, and encourage people think about the rubbish they throw away.

    Kath, I have also stocked up from our Scrapstore before it closed. I have enough stuff to last years. Can't see the point in buying materials when there is so much you can use which is free. It is far more satisfying as well to breath life into something that was destined for landfill. Great blog you have there, I think we have something in common.

  4. I really like this bag! I too am a use what you got kind of person and have always liked that saying that goes something to the effect of use it up, make it do. We don't really have scrap stores here, but I think that it probably would be a hit here. Have enjoyed seeing all your travel pics over the years. My dad was born in Derby and so is very interesting to see that area along with all the other places you visit - I get to be an armchair traveller.

  5. Thank you for your comment jkehler, I really appreciate it. I am so pleased that you find something in my blog to interest you.

  6. Brilliant! I look at everything before I put it in the bin and think "How can I reuse this?" but I would never have thought of anything as clever as this. Your blog gives me ideas all the time! Jane xx.

  7. Brilliant idea! I love the design with the colours in strips. Well done.

  8. Love it!!you really are very clever.

  9. This company should pay you for advertising its products so well. They probably would owe you a lot. Ha ha
    I just love when a new bag comes out. I'm working my way through 2010 after completing 2009. The walk pictures are my favorite. After the bags. Oh and the animals are in first place, of course. Well
    Also the bargain shopping. Our stores don't mark down. They just throw stuff away. Shameful!