Saturday, 31 July 2010

Crafty fun

Yep, I am now the Recycling Queen of North Lincolnshire, as spotted by the squirrel Family, in the local rag. This is my table in the Arts Centre today, I had to have two tables because I have that much stuff to show. There was another table where the children were making models out of scrap, some of them were quite imaginative. Most of them made rockets out of cans and paper cups, coloured card and silver foil. This is a free drop in activity during the school holidays, they can make as much mess as they like as mum doesn't have to clean it up.

It was a bit quiet this morning, but a few people popped in this afternoon. Some of the mums showed great interest in my ideas and designs, and one teacher asked if I could do a talk at their school as it would fit in very nicely with their green recycling programme.

Janet and Sue came to see me. Sue had just bought a teeshirt from a charity shop, with a big, sitting pussy cat stitched on the front. I was able to trace around it onto paper, then copy it onto card. I can use this as a template to cut out a cat, to sew onto the shopping bags.

Talking of shopping bags, I gave away four of the sweatshirt bags to people who showed an interest in copying them. One lady was on holiday from Utah, so that bag is going to travel a long way back home with her. Afterwards I went to Tesco and gave the other two away to random people who were arriving to do their shopping. They were all delighted when I said they were free, and that I had made them to give away. I need to make some more now, six down, one million to go, ha ha.


  1. What marvelous ideas you have. You truly are a recyle queen.

  2. You are truely amazing! What energy and zest for activity! Good on you. Keep on blogging, as I`m sure I`m not the only one that enjoys reading it all. xxxx

  3. Brilliant! I'm saving cat food wrappers to try to make a bag like you did! fantastic and inspirational

  4. Looks like great fun! Our local Scrapstore has an annual open day where all sorts of artwork and useful items made from "scrap" are on show and for sale.
    We used to get given "sample books" from a posh curtain fabric shop, which made fab bags. Keep up the good work.

  5. Wow .....might see you soon then :)

  6. What a wonderful idea to give people the bags you have made. That is truly a great way to pay-it-forward and be green. Love your blog and photos. Keep up the good work.
    Jean from Canada