Monday, 19 July 2010

Dead easy bags

I have discovered a new way to do the tops of these bags. If you sew the two sides together first, then make the handles, then sew the hem around the top last with the handles pinned into place, it makes for a neater finish into the top corners. If you get my drift.

This sweatshirt comes with it's own design so I don't have to add anything . I got it from a charity shop ages ago, don't know why I bought it, never liked it very much.

Another sweatshirt given to me that is uncomfortable to wear. The tartany bit across the middle is from a dress I got from a car boot sale. I like the fabric and have used it as a lining for other bags. The dress was horrible but it doesn't matter when you are cutting them up.

I've made five bags now, and got it down to 40 minutes per bag. Dead easy really.

1 comment:

  1. We shall truely call you `Bag Lady' now, lol.