Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sell by dates, brilliant invention.

I have just finished the bag of potatoes which I got for a reduced price of 10p. The sell by date was 29th June. So 19 days after this date I ate the last ones. Admitted I had to cut away the shoots that had started sprouting from them, maybe I would have been better planting them, ha ha. But I have got loads in the garden waiting to be eaten, I'll start on them tomorrow.

So much for sell by dates. Keep on marking the prices down Tesco, and thank you very much for my cheap food. Shhhh, don't tell everyone though, it's already a scramble to grab what you can. Sharpen your elbows.


  1. Read an article laat week's Sunday paper saying that sell by dates are to be abolished on some foods to cut waste. Hah, been saying they were the culprit for years, now it's been admitted that most food is still fresh ages after.

  2. Well I never, I didn't think to look for sell by dates on Potatoes:( What a bargain. Our main shops Coles and Woolworths (Woolworths is a food shop) never seem to have any reduced bargains. They have weekly specials and buy multiple products and save. I had to buy 4 cans of Heinz Baked Beans for $5.00 normally they are $1.79 per can so I saved 54 cents per can. $1.79 on todays exchange rate is one pound two pence for a 420 grm of beans. Just googled the price in UK and it seems a can only costs 50 pence? Wish we had Tesco over here.

  3. I have always supsected that a great deal of food is thrown away because people are scared to breach the sell by dates.

  4. Sell by dates on all food products here, Manchester Lass. I even look for out of date tins in places where turnover is very slow, like Poundstretcher. the staff don't check them all and they get missed. My eagle eyes spot them and I ask for a discount. You've got to be vigilant when shopping and not walk around in a dream putting anything in your trolley. It's the only way to beat them. Hope they don't do away with dating stuff.

  5. Just going through most of your blog, I think they're only taking away the eat by dates, rather than sell by. It's not clear enough otherwise.
    You'd love Market deeping mean queen I got all this from our Tesco which closes at 10pm ;)

    Spinich & Pine Nut Pasta - 45p, Baby Yog's 30p, Fruit Box 20p, Flowers 30p, Salad Box 10p, Apple slices 6p, Cherries 15p, Dragon fruit 15p, Pineapple Chunks 12p, Finger Chillis 9p, Runner Beans 16p, Mushroom Strogonoff £2.45, Pommegranite 15p, Sticky Toffee Puddings 26p, Redcurrent - 20p

    I also got my mum some flowers for 10p instead of £10, they lasted another week!

    Usually some amazing bargains to be had, I struggle to find them in the Scunthorpe one though!