Saturday, 10 July 2010

Me, jiggered? Not likely!

Just time to do this before I jump into the bath before I go off to the next walk. It went well last night, off on the dot at 10pm. I glanced round to my friend Helen, and we both knew that this is where we part company, I was fired and raring to go.

A few piccies by the football ground before we set off, these are the before photo's. Our numbers are pinned on our backs. You can see my little black boots again, they are lovely and soft, I can walk miles in them ;0)

It was two circuits of six miles each with a twiddly bit in the middle, and I did most of it by myself. On the second circuit I walked with a nice young lady for ten minutes or so, but it wasn't long before I broke into a jog. I was determined to beat the three hours from last year.

Oh dear, 13 miles later and I am jiggered. Yep, I beat it by seven minutes. I have my medal, and my goody bag. Breakfast was served and I took the veggie option, a bowl of fruit and a cup of orange juice.

Ha ha, only kidding, I feel fine. In bed by 1.45am. A good nights work and loadsa money raised for the hospice.

Off I go again.


  1. Not only do you feel fine but you look AMAZING! What I wouldnt give for those legs!! Well done Ilona... inspiring as always.

  2. Well done!
    Knocking seven minutes off your previous best time is nearly 4% faster. Paula Radcliffe would probably sacrifice her right leg to get that kind of improvement.
    No... Hang on... That wouldn't work at all would it.
    (Wanders off mumbling incoherently...)

  3. You are a "Legand" Ilona♥ Even Wonder Woman would have trouble keeping up with you:) Well done on your fund raising for the Hospice xx

  4. Phew, your energy is amazing. I'm enervated just reading about it :O))
    Well done you.

  5. Wow, you are amazing! Well done you! :) xx