Saturday, 10 July 2010

Putting my best foot forward

Here we go on the second walk, no running on this one, in fact the more leisurely it is the better. The visitors Centre is part of the Waters Edge Country Park at Barton, it's a lovely nature reserve. We are a group of fourteen, and here we are setting off along the boardwalk.

It has been sweltering hot today, we needed frequent stops for drinks. I drank far more than I normally do, glad I took an extra bottle. The route took us along part of the Viking Way, and at Horkstow we left it to go down the lane to the River Ancholme. The pretty Horkstow Bridge was busy. You can cross it in a car, but not many do because it goes nowhere. Today there is a group of youths larking about, throwing themselves into the water. This seems to be the craze at the moment. I'm not sure whether this is a good idea or not, there were cans of lager being consumed. It's the kind of situation which ends up as headline news, when some unfortunate lad comes a cropper. Is he going to jump?

There he goes.

We stopped off at the Hope and Anchor at South Ferriby for lunch. Me and a few others sat outside with our sandwiches, the rest went in to order their food. They were unlucky, the pub had suffered a power cut and couldn't prepare any food. It's always best to take your own. Behind me is the River Humber. I am glad of this stop because I am starting to feel a little bit weary, time to recharge the batteries.

Off we go again along the waters edge. No chance to build sandcastles here, it is all shingle, a bugger to walk on.

Almost back in Barton and you pass this old factory, they used to make tiles but it's been closed many years. It looks like they are having a bit of a tidy up, a digger machine is clearing the yard. Look at that neat wall that has been built out of stacked up roof tiles.

Must have took someone ages to lay them that perfectly, it's a pretty long wall. A good example of using up the materials you already have.

Nearly back now, the Humber Bridge from this angle is magnificent. You can hear the vehicles rattling over it. Amazing how it is all suspended on those massive wires.

I'm having a bit of a sit down now, but got to get up in a minute to get things ready for tomorrow. Oops nearly forgot, need to water the veggies as well. Groan. Shouldn't complain, I have achieved so much today :o)


  1. you look as if you are in your twenties in your photos! you look so slim and healthy! good for you!!!

  2. A bit achey this morning, Frugal Life. My legs have always been the best part of me, but don't look too closely at the scrawny neck, that definately gives my age away.

  3. That picture of the wall of tiles...
    ...very arty.