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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Wow, I'm an artist

Whoopeeeeee, my first piece of artwork in a proper exhibition at a proper Arts Centre, I'm chuffed to little mint balls. I took the MacD paper cup to 20 21, and they liked it, and said they would put it in the cabinet with the others. So now I feel like I'm proper artist. I will go and take a picture of it in a couple of days or so :o)))


  1. Congratulations Ilona... I knew you were an artist a long time ago! It's nice that now even more people will get to see your work.

  2. Fab!! You deserve recognition!

  3. Well done, it's great to see another gorgeous creation getting recognition. The cats look very content and there is nothing nicer than a sleeping cat.

  4. How chuffed and proud you must be feeling. I know I would be. Very well done Ilona, when is the next tv appearance?? ;o)


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