Monday, 9 August 2010

A cat and dog story

It's been a bit of an allsorts day today. A bit of housework, wash pots and tidy up. Chop down a bush and fill the wheelie bin. A soak in the bath. Watch Julia Bradbury walking the Coast to Coast, on the iplayer. Taking Ben out. Changing my library books, and a bit of sewing.

At lunchtime I went a walk around the park at Normanby Hall with my friend Julie, and her four legged friend Jessica, who is blind.

I am going to be looking after Jessica next month while Julie goes on holiday, and today she showed me the route they usually walk. There are plenty of open spaces at the park, and as they walk this route often Jessica is familiar with it. She also had a good sniff around my living room and kitchen, and didn't seem at all bothered when she bumped into the table legs. She found the bowl of water in the kitchen when she put her foot in it.

The next step is for me to have her for a day, to see how she gets on, and when Julie returns, Jessica will be reassured that she hasn't been abandoned. I am sure she will be fine, she is a very confident dog and seems to take everything in her stride.
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I had a nice surprise today. A black and white cat has been coming into my house and stealing the cat food. I suspected it comes from a house up the road where some new people have moved in, so I went and asked them. Yes it does belong to them, he is a boy named Micky. Well at least I know it isn't a stray.

Today, two young girls came to see me and gave me this pretty houseplant. There was a card with it........

This is a little gift to say sorry for our cat eating your cat's food.
love Chantelle and Katie

Isn't it beautiful, and such a kind thought. Half an hour later Micky came again, this time I put a dish of food outside the back door for him. I know I shouldn't, but he is gorgeous.

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  1. You will have a regular visitor to your `free for all' food dish, plus every moggy in the neighbourhood now, lol.