Wednesday, 18 August 2010

It's all a bit strange for Jessica

Well, Jessica my blind lodger is here, she seems to be settling in ok. I collected her at 4pm and as we were coming away from her house she was a little bit upset at leaving it without her owner. With lots of cuddles, and whispering sweet nothings in her ear, plus a little bit of bribery in the way of treats, we finally made a start on the short walk to my house. Upon arrival she bimbled round the kitchen and living room, getting her bearings. I showed her where her water and food dishes are, and guided her to her bed in the living room.

Although she cant see anything she hasn't lost her sense of smell, she never left my side while I was preparing my dinner. I think she knows that a kitchen means food. While I was eating she sat by the chair, when I stroked her head and said 'good girl', her paw automatically came up onto my lap. Clever girl ;o)

We have just been a walk, and guiding a blind dog is much the same as guiding a blind person, you have to keep your eyes on them all the time so they don't bump into things. Mind you, she can get some speed up if she wants to, so it's doubly important not to take your eyes off the game.

She is such a sweetie, you feel like you want to make life lovely for her to make up for the fact that she can't see. At the moment she is snoozing, there will be one more short walk before bed time, then I hope she sleeps all night through.

I found a bargain on the Youth Hostel web site today, B & B for £13 a night at Malham in the Yorkshire Dales. Well I just had to book it didn't I ;o) I'll be off on Monday. Can't be bad. Got to go, can't leave Jessie on her own for too long, she hasn't found her way upstairs yet.


  1. This sounds like "Guide Dogs for The Blind" in reverse.
    "One good turn deserves another...", as they say.

  2. Our local Hash Running Club (the drinking club with a running problem), Cheshire Hash House Harriers, has a blind doggy that regularly joins us on cross-country runs. It has the odd collision with a tree but other than that it does brilliantly!


  3. I think you are doing a fantastic job, babysitting a blind dog.
    Your bargain stay at the youth hostel sounds good. That`s about the same price as we pay per night when we go away with the camper for a weekend. But this is the preice for two people plus electric hook-up. Our weekends away are the cheapest short brakes I`ve ever come across.
    Let`s hope you have some decent weather for your break.