Friday, 17 September 2010

Impromptu artwork

The post I had in mind for today, still hasn't materialised, the sun was shining so I thought a better idea was to walk into town. The daylight hours are shrinking fast as we head towards autumn and winter, so to stave off that dreaded SAD thingy, I think it's best to get out as much as possible. So with my rucksack filled with a scrummy picnic from last nights purchases, I set off to do the five and a bit miles into town.

I hadn't been going very long before I came upon this motley crew, the Friday morning Ramblers. I have joined them occasionally in the past, so after a few brief greetings, we went our separate ways.

About a mile before the town, is the pond where I bring Henry for his swim. It is very convenient, only a short drive to get here. I have a feeling we might be coming on Sunday.

It's funny how you drive along the same route often and don't notice things. Today I saw this beautiful bush growing up the boundary wall of an industrial estate. It is absolutely full of red berries, I have never seen so many on one bush.

Another reason for me walking today was that it doesn't cost any money, plus I was on a mission, and the walking was a significant part of my plan. I took with me a cheque for £1,000, this is some spare cash that I have accumulated through being frugal and thrifty. So you see, every penny saved mounts up. I proudly handed it over the counter at the Building Society in the High Street. This will reduce the capitol on my mortgage, giving me a reduction on my monthly payments. If I keep doing this, chipping away at it, it won't be too long before I own the whole house, yipeeeeee.
I decided to stay a bit longer in town, have a couple of hours in the library, and get the bus back. Halfway through the journey it was still sunny so I got off the bus to walk the last bit along the path at the bottom of the woods. There is often stuff dumped around here, because you can get a vehicle down it and people come at night to dispose of their rubbish. I mentioned before about the tyres I found and had to ring the council about them because there were so many.
This time I came across a lot of wheel trims, in carrier bags that were falling apart. Aha, I thought, what artwork can I make with these, my little brain ticking away. Try leaning them up against the trees.....
No, doesn't quite do it for me, the trees are too far apart. I know, what about laying them down.

Yes, that's better, I like that. For all people who are lost, walk this way, ha ha. Should I leave them there for someone else to rearrange them. Probably best not to because they will only get run over and smashed to bits, that would make a worse mess.
I'll just move them onto the grass, the arrow pointing into the woods. So that's where I left them. My impromptu artwork.

I hope an aeroplane doesn't come along and try to land on them :o)


  1. This is a fine example of "objet trouve" art, in the spirit of Marcel Duchamp.

    In less cash-strapped times you could probably get an Arts Council grant for this kind of thing.

  2. Wouldnt it be fun if someone else came along and made something, which they left there for another artist to create another work. I think you could start something really fun there!