Saturday, 18 September 2010

Late night television on the computer

You'll never guess, it's 1.30 am and I am still sitting at the computer. I had a look on iplayer to see if there was anything interesting to watch. I had read about a film called 'Corrie, the road to Coronation Street', in the papers in the library, and thought oooh, I must watch that.

It was smashing. Better go to bed now, good job it's saturday tomorrow/today, no work, can have a lie in, ha ha. Toodle pip.


  1. Yes I agree, I dont watch 'soaps' anymore but I really enjoyed that.

  2. Was it a doco on Corrie Ilona? A new free to air TV station started here a while ago and Corrie and Emmerdale are shown every week day♥ I have to admit I am hooked, currently they are showing the 2002 series so as you can see we are way behind!!! There are still quite a few characters who were in when I left in 1982:)

  3. No, Man Lass, it was a film, with actors playing the parts. It starts with Tony Warren, an actor who can't get work who turns his hand to writing instead. I must say the story behind it, how it started, was very interesting.

    I think they ought to start at the beginning and show the whole lot over again, another 50 years of Corrie, great.

  4. Oh, do spare us all those soaps, please!
    I`m no fan of any type of soap. Can`t stand those unrealistic and depressing story lines at all!!!