Monday, 6 September 2010

My day in pictures

Here is my day in pictures.
After breakfast I washed the pots. I let them dry on the drainer, except for the cutlery which I dry with a tea towel. Note, I wash the cans for recycling last, so they don't stink of rotting food while they are waiting to be collected. I hate washing pots :o(

Next I had a bath. I love having my baths in the morning, time to soak and ponder, and maybe fall asleep. Whoa, turn that tap off, that's too much water :-0

The car needs cleaning. It's looking a bit of a state after carrying dogs around in it, and driving through the country lanes of Cumbria and Yorkshire. All manner of animal excrement is splattered underneath and up the sides. The inside first, strip everything out and suck all the muck out. Finish off with a splash of polish. What a boring job :-(

One thing leads to another. While I have the Dyson out I might as well get down on my hands and knees and do the floor in the front porch.

Oh, I suppose I'd better do the hallway as well, but I'm definately not going up the stairs, stuff that for a game of soldiers, ha ha.

Next get the bath water down the stairs in various buckets and bowls, and use it to wash the car. Can you see my watch in this photo? I found it, yep it was free, found about ten years ago in a country lane where people park their cars at night for a bit of ermmm a chat, yes that's it, they chat, ha ha. It keeps perfect time.

My goodness, that took a lot of elbow grease, time for lunch. Cheese and lettuce sandwich, with tomatoes and beetroot.

Off to the Post Office to pay the gas bill. Hilary didn't want her photo taken, so she volunteered to take mine. I like to use the post office whenever I can, we don't want to lose it.

It's Monday, so mobile library day. I took one book in and got three books out. The driver/librarian didn't want his photo taken either. We must use the mobile library as well, to keep people in jobs, and it provides a good service for the village.

Next it was off to take Ben a walk, he lives quite close by. I got chatting to a new dog walker who I hadn't seen before, he said he has just moved into the village, into my street in fact. Dog people are usually chatty. Ben has a bimble around, he can't walk very fast or very far, his back legs are getting a bit wobbly.

Time for dinner. Potatoes, beans, and courgette out of the garden, a bit of brocolli left in the fridge, and a piece of salmon out of the freezer. All cooked in the steamer. Delicious. I like it nude without any sauce. I cut the skin off the fish for the cats.

Now to get organised for tomorrow. Pack the rucksack because I'm off walking again. I'm going to meet my sister and her husband at their caravan and we are going for a walk. Not one of my epic walks, but more a gentle ramble which they like. It will be a Youth Hostel tomorrow night for me, then a long walk on Wednesday before I come back.

Only one thing left to do, finish this post, and say bye for now, see you when I get back. It's as windy as heck outside, I hope it's not too bad tomorrow.

Toodle pip.


  1. Oh this was a fun post! What a lovely glimpse into your daily life :)
    Have a wonderful break! xx

  2. What a great life you lead! Off on another amble - lucky you.... have fun.

  3. While I'm sat here reading about you cleaning your car I imagine me cleaning mine... but that is as far as it gets... once I've finished reading your blog I just feel like going for a long walk... forget cleaning! lol!

  4. what have you got me into, my day is already full, but thankyou

  5. What a busy lady. Its funny how we sometimes say, "I dont know what Ive been doing all day". Then when you list it out like that, you realise youve achieved a lot more than you think.

  6. What an interesting sneak into your day Ilona! Enjoy tomorrow's walk, hope the sun shines for you :-)

  7. Goodness what a busy bee!!
    Twiggy x

  8. I'm tired just reading what you have achieved:) Have a lovely walk and hopefully the weather will be kind to you♥

  9. It's really nice to see what other people do in their day. I think we all get too caught up in our own busy lives.