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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Mucky dog is full of beans

Not a lot been happening this weekend, dog walking, dog walking and more dog walking. Henry has been to stay. I took him swimming a couple of times at the big pond, then today he went for a swim in one inch of water and ten inches of mud, what a horrible mess he was in, and talk about stink. It was a scrub down on the lawn when we got back. Here he is standing on three legs :o)

I photographed some of my runner beans, quite artistic don't you think? And posted it on the forum at Down The Lane, there is a fruit and vegetable competition on there.

It's brown wheelie bin collect day tomorrow, and mine has been full for over a week with garden rubbish. I have far more compostable waste than Antonio next door, his garden is quite small compared to mine. So while he wasn't looking I filled up his bin with my hedge clippings, he doesn't mind as long as I wheel it to the pavement and put it back when it has been emptied.
I pulled some beetroot today and boiled them, they got a bit longer than they should have done, as I forgot them while I was eating my dinner and watching Heartbeat on the computer. Now got to peel them, I love cooked beetroot, gives you a bit of a scare though when you go to the toilet, ha ha.
Well, it's just me and Lilly in bed tonight, I've been almost pushed out, by the big brown hairy body at the bottom. I've had the water on for a bath, but I can't be bothered now, I'll do it in the morning. Toodle pip.


  1. Hot cooked beetroot with cheese sauce - can't be bettered, especially when eaten with either boiled bacon or white fish. Yummy.

  2. I always wondered what everyone was on about when they laughed about beetroot and going to the bathroom... it doesn't happen to me, apparently not everyone is affected, now that is strange!

  3. I love warm beetroot, either with white sauce of eaten on its own :P

  4. We have a similar model dog in black, his great loves are salt water and sand and running like a lunatic for a ball.
    I love the blog did it start with the download at the top of the page?

  5. Hi gromit, glad you have found the blog via DTL. Yes you can click on the B logo in the top left hand corner, and you will find everything you need to start your own blog. Good luck.


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