Sunday, 19 September 2010

Our dysfunctional youth

I spent most of this morning picking up the rubbish strewn around the village, apparently we had a gang of youths on the rampage last night. I didn't see or hear them when I was out walking Henry about 10pm, so I don't know what time it was when they pulled this litter bin out of the ground and threw all the rubbish about.

The area around the chinese takeaway was littered with food wrappings and beer cans, the bin was overflowing so I removed a lot of it and put it in their trade waste bin next to the shop. I think the government should close all fast food places, that would reduce the amount of litter significantly, and halve the obesity problem, in one fell swoop.

This is just a few of the bottles and cans I picked up, as you can see the vandalism is alcohol related.

The kids do some daft things when they are drunk. At one house they have had some block paving done, and had put some pallets and wood across it to alert people not to trip on the holes where the gate posts are going to be. I had to knock on their door this morning to tell them where their wood had ended up so they could go and recover it. Someone's goal posts and net from their home footy pitch ended up next to the bin between the church and the pub. Goodness know how far they had carried that. I just don't know what is going through the minds of these yobs when they do this.

Anyway, despite the rain, the rest of the day hasn't been too bad. I took Henry dog back to his house, and went to the Ropewalk again for another natter because I hadn't seen it all yesterday. I hope it stops raining for tomorrow, I am going out. Just got to find the cord that holds my specs on my head, so I don't lose them on the roller coasters, now where did I put it. Spose I could always wear contact lenses instead. Toodle pip.


  1. Your village is lucky to have you, Ilona.

  2. I was thinking the same thing today, as we cut down our massive thick hedge. There were bottles, poly food cartons and even a face cream jar with its lid one, endless crisp and sweet wrappings, all chucked over our garden wall. But when I see Mothers ignoring their children throwing down such litter, I despair.

  3. You can't blame the kids as those unfortunate souls have mediocre rolemodels for parents!

  4. When WILL you start holding them accountable for their behavior? When Ilona is too old to pick up after them?. . . . . . The kids AND their parents should be held accountable to the civil laws when they act like hooligans. The kids know better, they're just rebellious. If they don't learn it now, they'll be another generation raised to fill the prisons. It's the same everywhere these days.

  5. Oh Ilona, you keep opening these cans of worms, getting every one hot under the collar. But you are usually quite right with your blogs, and this one is no different.
    Who to blame, well, it must start at the top with the government, money is their main objective, and not to share amongst us at the bottom of the heap. One must have a goal in life and lots of kids these days don't. I know that doesn't excuse them from dropping litter etc but most of them don't have a job to get up to in the morning and so getting drunk is their way of getting out of it. Once drunk, common sense goes out of the window, most of these kids probably would not do the things they do without a drink inside them and are possibly really nice individuals.
    I don't know the solution, but all of the time making money is the main concern and not the welfare of the people,sadly, I can't see things improving

  6. maybe they should have a bigger litter bin - it obviously is no good if its over-flowing - it seems people have tried to use it until it is full. As for hooliganism - Britain was ever thus.

  7. Being jobless is no excuse for being a hooligan or for getting drunk. The way you are raised by your parents will reflect on your behaviour later in life. Positive role models are the solution. By the time those kids were getting up to no good, positive role models had been missing throughout their lives. Vandalism and mindless littering are usually the end result of a frustrated, unchallenged individual that has no respect for himself or others. Parents have a lot to answer for! Antisocial behaviour is the result of an undisciplined lifestyle created and taught by unsuitable parents and negative role models.

  8. Oh dear, now what have I said :o(


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