Saturday, 18 September 2010

Ropewalk Studios Open Weekend

I've had a very pleasant afternoon. My friend Julie came round and we went to the Ropewalk at Barton. This is a contemporary arts and craft gallery near the Humber Bridge. It was originally part of a rope making factory which closed in 1989. The building is almost a quarter of a mile long and has galleries, a shop, coffee lounge, and a theatre for the performing arts.

It also has eleven artists studios, and today they were open for anyone to drop in and have a chat. This only happens on two weekends a year, and last year I met such interesting people, I was quite excited to go again this year. The artists are very friendly and are happy to answer all of your questions, so me being the nosey parker that I am, I had lots to ask.

This is a picture of artist Michael Scrimshaw, standing next to the tree he made from corrugated cardboard. Michael draws, paints, and makes things, mainly out of metal.

The Ropewalk has a web site if you would like to know more about it.


  1. What a very interesting post, I love that tree.

  2. as a north lincolnshire villager, i was amazed to find this site purely by chance. i adore downsizing and self sufficency, but even though we moved here had our mini orchard, grew our own and kept hens, unkind neighbours have made me so scared to go out into my garden the plums and apples rot on the ground year in year out, the rhubarb comes and goes and the gooseberries and grapes are bird food. i just about manage to hang my laundry out as its right by my backdoor and gather wood from the wood store.
    people can crush your dreams and sometimes its surprising how elderly ones are the worst.
    love your money saving tips xx