Monday, 13 September 2010

Recycling a night club

We have a big shed in our town centre, it's called Club 2000, and very soon it is going to be no more. They are dismantling it as I speak.

The club is close to the Arts Centre, and has been closed for several years. When it was busy, as with most clubs, we got the drunken revellers making the place look like a pig stye at chucking out time. I was not sorry to see it close.

When I say 'dismantling', I mean they are taking it down piece by piece, and not running a bulldozer through it and smashing it to bits.

Having been involved in the construction industry, delivering materials from bricks, steel, timber, cement, paving blocks, roofing felt, roof tiles, and such like, I am fascinated by how it all fits together.

And now they are taking this down, and I am equally fascinated by it's removal. I stood watching the man working his machine for a good half hour, his skill was amazing. He was able to control the grab with the same precision you might bring into play, whilst plucking your eyebrows with a pair of tweezers. He moved his machine around the tight work space in the same way a medal winning professional ice skater might glide effortlessly around the rink. Indeed you could have set it to music. It reminded me of the Dancing Diggers I saw once at the JCB factory at Rocester.
And do you know, the best part of this story is that 95% of the materials are going to be recycled. I am pleased about that.


  1. That`s amazing. I think that this type of removal of unwanted buildings should be compulsary. I`ve not come aross this before.
    Wonder if this is a new initiative by your council, or if this will also be implimented nationwide.

  2. That is good news indeed. But where will you go to shake your booty now? LOL

  3. Really encouraging - may be there is some hope for world.