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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

I want to be a spider

Isn't it amazing when you go out into the garden in the morning, and you find that someone has been working extremely hard all night long. The little spiders weave their webs to catch their breakfast. They are built with such precision, I am in awe of their beautiful delicate works of art.

We can learn a lot from a spider. If you want to eat you have to work hard. You have to do this repetitive work day after day to survive, it requires discipline and determination.
A spider has to call on all it's resources, locating the perfect place, making sure the anchorage points are strong enough to support it, and have the patience to sit and wait, maybe all day, for the next meal to come a calling.

And after all that, it is so flimsy that there is no guarantee it will last any length of time. The wind may blow the web down, passers by may brush against it, and the rain may batter it to pieces. The only thing a spider can do is start the process all over again. Clever spider.


  1. Aren't they a thing of beauty? Funny you should write about this today, as Husband pointed out to me this aftrnoon, that a spider had made a thread between the overhead telephone cable and the house wall. How on eath (or why) did he climb right up there. He was swaying very precariously in the breeze.

  2. What beautiful pictures, and how amazing are spiders. I have a friend with a spiders web across her front door and as she is another nature lover, she is dutifully only using her back door until the spider has done with the front one !!

  3. We get a lot of spiders living out in the sticks. We have one that lives on the stairs that Twiglet is adamant is the same one that appeared at Christmas, so we call him Rudolph.
    Twiggy x

  4. Crafty cat corner, you made me smile. I have to take diversions around my garden so that I don't disturb the webs.

    Kath, I don't know how they do that. I find them about eight foot high on the front corner of the house, across to the bush about six feet away, amazing.

  5. Mother nature at its best! Tiny creatures, but amazing skill and strength.

  6. That is a heck of a web! I do find the webs really beautiful to look at but I'm arachnophobic and have to get them removed from anywhere too close to the house - garden is fine, but I can't have them invade my space.

  7. I don't actually like spiders myself but I'd never hurt one. I forgot it was Spetember...until one of those damn ugly brown garden spiders decided to weave his web across from my chicken coop door!! I walked into it and then I saw him in the web and thought...Omg September garden spiders again!! The year came around quick.


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