Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The things I do for dogs

Why have I made up a camp bed in the living room you may ask. Am I taking in lodgers, has the bed fallen apart, or is the roof leaking in the bedroom? No, no, and no. I have Ben dog staying here for a couple of nights, you may remember I have mentioned him before. His back legs are very wobbly now, he has German Shepherd in him, and I think it's a common ailment in this breed.

Ben likes to be near me as much as possible and follows me around. He struggles to climb stairs, so I have put a clothes horse draped with a net curtain at the bottom to stop him from trying to climb them. The cats can still get through the bars. The computer is upstairs so I have short bursts on it while Ben is asleep.

So, I would rather sleep on a camp bed in the living room, in case Ben wakes up in the night and feels lonely. I had to bring Lilly's duvet down as well because he likes sleeping with me, and there is not enough room for the two of us on the narrow bed.

The first night was a bit worrying because Ben came with a runny bum. I covered the carpets with old curtains, in case of accidents, and took him out every two hours for a little bimble around. The last bimble was 9pm and he went straight for the grass at the end of the road.

We went to bed at 10pm, but at 1am I awoke to find Ben breathing in my face, he appeared a little aggitated. I was up like a shot, oh dear has he had an accident. Thankfully no, and as I had gone to bed half dressed, it didn't take long to slip into my jog bottoms and sweatshirt, put some shoes on, and out. I had left the hall light on so that I would not have to fumble around in the dark, a quick exit could mean the difference between buying new carpets, or swilling the drive down with a bucket of hot soapy water.

The bucket of water was not needed as once again Ben legged it to the grass at the end of the road. He can walk a bit faster when needs must, what a clever boy.

His tummy has settled down now, and he is almost back to normal. I've just sent a text to his owner to say I will keep him another night, she is busy all day tomorrow so he might as well stay here.


  1. This reminded me of when one of our girls was speyed and I slept downstairs. I had a mattress on the floor, but she kept stepping on me during the night.
    His owner is a lucky lady, that you are willing to go to such lengths to care for her old boy.

  2. i hoped you remembered the poop scoop?

  3. I always take a poop scoop, but it wasn't much use, it came out in liquid form ;o(

  4. You seem just as animal mad as me, lol.
    I would do the same when we occassionally look after our friends two old dogs, Gertie and Dillon. Gertie is a Jack Russel and Dillon is a Dalmation. Dillon has nearly lost the use of his back legs. Next time they stay with us I can see myself sleeping on the couch to keep an eye on Dillon.

  5. Lucky Ben having a friend like you :o) Rather you than me though! A dog with a runny thanks lmao

  6. You are a good lady Ilona, you would fit very well here at the moment as many people are still sleeping on the floor as the after-shakes are still going stronger.

  7. Ben is lucky to have such a caring carer!

  8. Thank you for your kind comments. Ben will be going home tonight, his waste disposal system is back to normal, two lovely pickupable poos this morning, ha ha.

    I can't help it with animals, they have got feelings the same as we have. Happy pets make your life happy, but I am sure all my blogger friends already know that.