Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A doggy afternoon

I haven't seen Henry for a while, it was nice to see his waggy tail when I arrived to take him out. I have the key to the patio door, and as I walk round to the back of the house he is waiting at the back door because he has heard the gate open. Then he moves to the dining room because he knows that is where I will come in. We start by playing ball in the large garden, then I say the magic words, 'Do you want to go out?' His eyes open wide, and he dashes to the outside toilet because he knows that's where his lead is kept. Such a clever boy.

You can see his undercarriage is wet in this picture, yes he has been in the dyke. Thank goodness the water levels are high at the moment so there is less mud to stick to him.
I love to see the deep furrows cut by the plough, it's amazing that they make such straight lines.

Henry is such a friendly dog towards other dogs, he always wants to play. Dog walking is a great way to meet people and have a chat. When I got back from my Henry visit, I took Ben a walk and met up with Sue and her mother strolling around the village. Such a nice relaxing day.

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  1. What could be better than a doggy afternoon? I agree, I meet someone every time we go out, but as you have said before, often YOU have to be the one to strike up the conversation, but it is always worth it. I met a man along the river this morning with a Spinnone. They are a gun dog as you no doubt know, but he said his dog was afraid of the water, although he was quite glad. Can you imagine the water soaked up by that thick curly coat :o